Bass Lessons

About Our Lessons

With a focus on accelerated learning techniques, RMI offers an individualized curriculum through private lessons. Lessons can be either ½ hr (30 minutes) or 1 hr (60 minutes). This one-on-one format is great for custom tailoring a program around your needs. Many students will often take a ½ hr private session along with a 60-minute Performance Band session per week to create a more well-rounded approach to their education.

Lessons can either occur weekly or more sporadicly as one-offs depending on the students preference. View Pricing and Policy details here.


Bass Instructors

Our instructors are more than just teachers: they are artists, visionaries, and leaders. Music is their calling, culture, and lifestyle. They are building community in and through their work by creating holistic bonds between student, instrument, and material. They are following their passion every day. We are honored to have these talented individuals on our team.

Farko Dosumov

Farko Rustamovich Dosumov was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Farko and his identical twin brother, Feodor Dosumov, began playing the classical guitar when they were ten years old. After winning the green card lottery in 1999 Farko moved to New York City to pursue a career in music.

Jay Roberts

Jay Roberts was born in California and is the son of legendary jazz guitarist and world renowned educator Howard Roberts (founder of the Guitar Institute of Technology).

Geoffrey Wilson

Throughout his young adult life, Geoffrey Wilson studied classical and studio guitar, piano and composition at California State University Northridge and Javanese and Balinese Gamelan music at UCLA and Cal Arts.

Masa Kobayashi

From Tokyo, Japan, Masa has performed and recorded with local and international artists throughout Europe and the US. As a multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter, he has experience with many musical styles from punk, rock, metal, ska, reggae, hip-hop, Balkan and African music.

Jamie Findlay

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Jamie is one of the masters of contemporary acoustic guitar. With three CD’s under his own name, “Wings of Light,” “Amigos del Corazón,” and “Reflections” Jamie is a very busy performer and composer, both in the States and abroad.

Jakob Singer

Jakob has been teaching students of all ages for over a decade. He strives to motivate and inspire his students to become great musicians. Jakob’s teaching method is fun and easy to understand.

Chris Lenk

Chris’ teaching philosophy focuses on the fundamentals every musician needs to express himself, developing a strong ear, a nimble touch, and a deep understanding of how to produce the musical sounds and moods he wants.

Nick Mardon

Nick’s teaching philosophy focuses on building good technique and learning theory and fundamentals and quickly applying and understanding how they work while playing songs. Nick is available to teach Beginner-Advanced Guitar, Bass, and Drums in the genres of Rock, Jazz, Country, Pop, Blues, Metal, Folk, Zydeco, and most other styles of contemporary music.

Brandon Beligni

Brandon is proficient in a wide range of musical styles which include, but not limited to, jazz, classical, and metal.

Scott Elsberry

Scott has instructed at RMI for nearly a decade and specializes in Howard Roberts’ Accelerator and Chroma programs. He really digs teaching and coaching various ensembles encompassing styles of R&B, classic rock, blues, surf, country and bluegrass. His positive attitude and enthusiasm to teach are both inspiring and motivational to students young and not so young!

Play With Us

Performance Bands are great for improving competency, encouraging confidence, and promoting a healthier overall life outlook. Come play with talented musicians and learn the skills you need to succeed.


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