Nick Mardon



Nick Mardon is a performer, teacher, and session musician from Seattle, Wa. Nick picked up the Guitar at 7 years old after being inspired by seeing his first live band and quickly picked up drums and bass as well. Nick began performing at 10 years old and since than has gone on the play The Paramount Theatre, The Moore Theatre, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Royal Room, Chop Suey, and many other venues. Nick’s ability to play any style of music on Guitar, Bass, and Drums led him to work with many bands including the Nick Mardon Blues Trio, Andy and the Architects, Richard Allen and the Louisiana Experience, Bad Idea, Pellegrini, The Max Cannella Trio, JNAII, The Alison Banchero Band, and many more fill in gigs, jam sessions, and solo performances. Nick’s teaching philosophy focuses on building good technique and learning theory and fundamentals and quickly applying and understanding how they work while playing songs. Nick is available to teach Beginner-Advanced Guitar, Bass, and Drums in the genres of Rock, Jazz, Country, Pop, Blues, Metal, Folk, Zydeco, and most other styles of contemporary music.

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