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Something For Everyone

2013 . October 17

Roberts Music Institute is the best place around for players to go for any aspect of furthering their skills, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned player. They have the best teachers around & everyone is so cool! I’ve gone there for years for different things & every experience has been priceless to me. This is where you want to be if you want to get great.

Jones Germain on Yelp

For Beginners to Seasoned Players

Having a Blast Playing in the Bands!

2017 . March 26

I am having a total blast studying with the instructors at RMI, both in private lessons and in a players club band. I always look forward to performing at the live shows at the Hard Rock Cafe. The thing that really stands out to me, is the wide variety of specialized teachers to choose from…..I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in studying music in the Seattle/Eastside area!


Posted by Joe L. on Yelp

Performance Bands

Exceptional Teachers

2016 ●May 2

Super Chops resulted in exactly what I was looking for, and as advertised. Increased speed, accuracy, and timing, and to some degree, more so than expected. The atmosphere at RMI is one of a kind, and I’m bummed I will no longer be able to attend once Fall comes around…moving out of the state. Please set up an online school so I can join you all, seriously. Peace

Posted By Thomas Aukai

SuperChops Class

Definitely Big Fun

2012 ● February 10

Thanks to Jay and Don and Rob and Scott and Jill and everyone else that makes RMI such a special place. I’ve been playing in RMI ensemble classes for over two years now, and it’s definitely big fun. The instructors are top-notch, and the ensemble classes are a great way to network, meet new people, learn tunes and chops, and play “real gigs” for the recital. Coming to RMI is always one of the week’s highlights. We are very lucky to have RMI and so many of the area’s top-notch musicians so close

Posted By Cliff Dibble

Playing Real Gigs

Accepted to Berklee!!

2015 ● March 3rd

My name is Alex Douthitt. I am 18 years old and have been playing guitar since I was 10. At age 14, I started taking private lessons with Jay who dramatically helped improve my playing. I also took one of Don Mock’s theory classes and did a rock ensemble at RMI. With the help of Jay, I mastered “Eruption” at age 14. Shortly after, I stopped RMI. In the following years, I began playing and singing in various rock bands around the seattle area. I also began teaching my own private guitar lessons. I started taking lessons with Jay again during my senior year to prepare me for my audition with Berklee college of music. I also took voice lessons with Kelly during this time. I was recently accepted to Berklee and start this fall. I don’t think I would have made it without the help of RMI. The instructors at RMI are some of the best musicians there are. I recommend RMI to anybody serious about music. ESPECIALLY FOR THE GUITAR! I can’t think of anywhere else in the area that offers the experience you get at RMI.

Posted by Alex Douthitt

College Prep

Love the teachers

2009 ● February 12

Jay Roberts is one of the best guitarists on the planet. How’s that for a statement! I’ve taken lessons from many guitarists, some of them quite famous, and Jay is one of the most versatile teachers around. You want jazz, no problem; you want blues, no problem; you want Hendrix, no problem. He has taken his love for teaching and created a unique, fast paced learning environment at RMI, including some world class instructors. The better the teacher, the faster you learn. The better the material, the faster you learn. That sums up Jay’s world.

Posted by Jim Allchin

Accelerated Learning

I improved so much!

2018 ● Aug 22

Jay and the entire staff at RMI are the real deal. Awesome group of people and incredible musicians. At RMI you really feel apart of the community and get to meet so many people playing in different groups and genres. I improved so much as a guitarist and vocalist playing in the seasonal players clubs and bands. I owe this improvement to the community that RMI fosters and the instructors. Being part of RMI is more than just a music school its an innovative approach to instruction that will push anyone to excel in a multitude of genres and performance skills.

Posted By Chris Norwood

innovative approach to instruction


This whole institute is like a family to me

2013 . April 22

I love this place, after 3 years of playing here, switching around my interests and songs I wanted to learn they were ALWAYS understanding and helpful. I get frustrated when playing instruments and they were always patient with me, Lucian was my teacher for a while and boy is he talented! This whole institute is like a family to me, I don’t go here anymore because I moved but my step brother does and I am always happy to come in and have a conversation with the man at the front desk, Rob, who is extremely friendly and outgoing! They are all very nice men who only want to help you succeed and continue in your passions! Miss them all dearly!

Posted by Som C. on Yelp

Great Environment

Great for kids

2016 ● Nov 5

My son went into RMI a decent guitar player and within six months became a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and front-man for an amazing band. Needless to say, he loves RMI.

Posted by James Whittaker

Programs for Kids and Adults

So much fun to perform

2018 ● February 19

Jamming with Robben Ford and Jay was one of the coolest things I’ve done. I had so much fun at that show.

Posted By Alex Fuchs

Performing with Artists

What Makes RMI Different?

2014 . June 25

In my opinion Roberts Music Institute (RMI) is by far the best place for all ages and skill levels wanting to learn to play guitar (other instruments and voice as well). Nothing compares to its quality of instruction and opportunites to perform monthly in “real” band venues (e.g., Bake’s Place, Boxely’s, and Hard Rock Cafe). There are several factors that separate RMI from other music schools: First, Jay Roberts (the proprietor) is not only a world-class musician (of which there are a very small handful in the area) but he has attracted several talented professional musicians/teachers to RMI as well. They know their stuff from theory to its application in all styles of music Second, probably most importantly of all is RMI’s approach to learning. It is based on the seminal music instructional techniques utilized all over the world created by Jay’s father Howard Roberts (Google Howard Roberts and you’ll see what I mean). As one of RMI’s important differentiators – the instructors (Jay, Chris, Scott, Brandon – to name only a few) have an in-depth understanding of “how we learn” and “how to practice.” This has been invaluable to me to more quickly learn passages, songs, etc. This is something you will not find on YouTube! Third, The Players Club is a blast to be a part of and an extremely unique opportunity to perform with other students in public venues. The bands are well matched with those of a similar age and skill level ranging from children to older individuals like me. These bands are coached and led by the various RMI instructors. I am a member of the Southern Rock band, which is coached by Scott Elsberry. He brings decades of experience to our rehearsals and performances – every time we get together I am not only having a blast and “living my dream,” but I am also learning a lot from the “band experience.” Like all the RMI instructors he really cares about what we are doing and gives it his all to maximize everyone’s experience and fun! Fourth, The school has a very supportive and fun vibe. You will notice this the minute you walk in the door. Sometimes learning can be frustrating. This “vibe” helps me persevere when I hit those inevitable difficult patches. The result is that I always looking forward to my lessons or rehearsals whether I am frustrated or excited about my progress. In summary, the quality of RMI instruction and instructors, supportive and fun environment, and the ability to perform live with my peers is a second to none experience. To Jay and your team… thank you for your gift to my “late in life” music education and for what you are doing for your students and community!
This is the place to go for guitar!

Posted by Joel Calvo on Yelp

Learning "How to Learn"

Jay is great

2018 ● July 20

I spent the better part of a week with Jay Roberts at the Roberts Music Institute. I have known Jay for about 30 years, and his dad, Howard Roberts, since 1975. While staying with Jay, he set me up with an incredible learning experience – a guitar immersion at his school. This involved lessons with eight different instructors during the week. This intensive guitar immersion was exactly the ‘jump start’ I needed to revitalize my study of guitar. Each instructor, including Jay, was not only an outstanding musician, but each was equally outstanding in their teaching skills. Every instructor was unique and offered exactly what I needed within minutes of assessing my level of playing. Combined, the 8 lessons comprising this guitar immersion put it all together for me to move forward with a well-integrated lesson plan that I brought home with me to Tucson, Arizona. I cannot say enough words of praise and appreciation for the faculty and staff at the Roberts Music Institute. My experience of this ‘guitar immersion’ at RMI stands out as the greatest highlight of my musical journey. Thank you, Jay and everyone at Roberts Music Institute!

Posted by Dr. Steven Gurgevich

Guitar Immersion Program

All Ages

2014 . March 1

Ahhh Jeese! This is the place you want to go to learn to play jazz, rock, country…heck just about anything. After playing the guitar for many years I decided to try to really learn. It’s so great to be in the hands of great players. Jay, Scott, Lucien, Brandon, Rob and all the rest of them are so supportive and friendly you won’t regret going there. If you are looking for a place for a young rocker or you’re retired and looking to live your fantasy of performing your favorite surf tunes look no further than RMI.

Did I mention that they’ll teach you to sing, play guitar, bass, drums or keyboards?

Posted by Steven on Yelp

ALL Styles


Our educators are some of the best in the field. Meet the team, learn about their talents, and find your perfect instructor match.


An array of classes and extensive curriculum developed by Howard Roberts is available to students in both Private and Group settings.

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Our students and staff frequently get to showcase their talent, progress, and craft through local live performances.