Mission Statement

Roberts Music Institute is a one of a kind music school designed to open the doors to the artistic, creative, and technical aspects of contemporary musicianship. Students will learn exactly what it takes to be a successful player in any style. Special emphasis will aim to dispel the myths about learning to play, help students focus on their individual goals, and support them to develop a productive practice regimen. Students are encouraged to play their instruments through the variety of avenues offered: lessons, classes, ensembles, and performances. The founding family’s vision was to create a place to enrich as many lives as possible through music and proper training thereof.

The RMI Experience

Special Events

Roberts Music Institute features occasional special guest artist seminars, workshops, and concerts. Every year we host over 40 annual events for students and guests to attend. Students are encouraged to attend all RMI created and related events, whether in the role of audience member or performer, as it helps to expose them to a broader range of musical experiences and styles.

Instruments and Genres

Our curriculum covers Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Ukulele, Vocals, and Digital Recording. Our talented instructors are fluent in all modern musical genres including Traditional Jazz, Classical, Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, R&B, Pop, and Surf.

All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome

We believe that proficiency can be reached through an intense, engaging, and fun learning environment that benefits students by meeting each individual at their level to increase their chance of success. An individually customized program will be presented to each student. We offer several levels of involvement: private study, performance workshops, and part-time or semi full-time special technique lessons on a weekly basis.

Bellevue College Credit

Students attending Bellevue College will appreciate that by taking 8 – 10 regular private lessons at Roberts Music Institute, these hours will count towards campus credits in the following music courses: 140, 143, 240, and 243. During a regular school year, there is a potential to earning a total of 6 university credits with full course commitment. A private “jury” performance is required at the end of the quarter to prove competence and receive approval of credits. Students will want to connect with the staff at Bellevue College to find out if they are eligible for this program.

Lessons and Bands

We offer private lessons that provide one-on-one attention for targeted advancement in the student’s instrument(s) of choice. For those seeking real-world, live audience performances and stage time, team up with other artists in our variety of Player’s Clubs, which are offered weekly throughout the year. Classes are designed to be 10 weeks long and run parallel to the quarterly school year including summer quarter.

Get Started Today

To help us determine your ideal placement and begin your journey, please click the button below to fill out our free Skill Level Evaluation Form. Within 1 – 2 business days, we will evaluate your responses and reach out to schedule your meet and greet at the school. We will also add you to our complimentary email list to receive announcements about the happenings at RMI.