Scott Elsberry

Guitar • Bass • Ukulele • Mandolin


It didn’t take Scott Elsberry long to realize he loved the guitar: he began playing at age 7. After “turning pro” at the age of 14, Scott split his time between becoming a musician and playing his favorite sports of Baseball, Football and Basketball. A few years later, sports took a back seat after Scott was recruited to play in an established Bay Area band.


He has developed styles based on the riff-oriented 70’s rock to blues and country. As his musicianship grew he also developed skills with the bass and ukulele as well as becoming a band leader in several different ensembles. Scott has instructed at RMI for nearly a decade and specializes in Howard Roberts’ Accelerator and Chroma programs. He really digs teaching and coaching various ensembles encompassing styles of R&B, classic rock, blues, surf, country and bluegrass. His positive attitude and enthusiasm to teach are both inspiring and motivational to students young and not so young!

Sample Work

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February 21st, 2016 – Roberts Music Institute’s Soul/R&B band (SRB) performing Radiohead’s “Creep” at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle.

Sneha Aiyar – Vocals
Ryan Abbott (not shown) – Guitar
Bruce Hanson – Bass

Scott Elsberry – Guitar
Skyler Mehal – Keyboard
Keith Gledhill – Drums

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As The Years Go Passing By

Caspian Coberly cover of “As The Years Go Passing By” with Ben Bachler on drums and Scott Elsberry on bass.

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