Vocal Performance Class




10 Weeks

Course Overview

This 10 week course is designed for beginning to the most advanced vocal students. Students will prepare songs in a variety of styles to sing for the class and for a final recital. As the class observes, the instructor will work with individual students on vocal technique, style-mastery, stage presence and microphone technique. Peer evaluations and learning constructive and objective self-critique will be implemented.

Learning Outcomes:
• Students will be able to understand and demonstrate healthy and proper vocal techniques through the preparation of three songs
• Students will be able to recognize proper (or improper) vocal technique in others
• Students will be able to demonstrate good stage presence
• Students will acquire tools to manage performance anxiety issues

Class Requirements:
• Students must choose three songs to perform
• Students will need to have a song prepared to sing on the assigned week Preparation includes obtaining backing tracks/karaoke tracks of the songs and sending it via email to RMI (info@robertsmusicinstitute.com)

Written Peer Evaluations:
• During class each week students will fill out a brief peer evaluation form for each performer. Written peer evaluations keep students engaged in each performance by requiring them to analyze and report on what they observe, demonstrating their understanding of the techniques and concepts being covered throughout the course. These peer evaluations will also serve as valuable feedback for each performer, as the performer will be receiving a packet of their peer evaluations after each performance.


Section 1: Emphasis on Vocal Technique

Section 1: Emphasis on Vocal Technique
• Week 1
• Week 2
• Week 3

Section 2: Emphasis on Stage Presence

Section 2: Emphasis on Stage Presence
• Week 4
• Week 5
• Week 6

Section 3: Emphasis on the Overall Performance

Section 3: Emphasis on the Overall Performance
• Week 7
• Week 8
• Week 9

Final Recital

Final Recital
• Week 10
◦ Student chooses a song (or songs) to perform for their final performance with approval of instructor.

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