The Super Chops 2: The Left Hand




10 Weeks


Jay Roberts


Course Overview

The Super Chops system incorporates a highly structured approach to learning and technical development. Using a high level of accountability, the program guarantees success, as long as the student does the work. The 1 hour practice program requires a minimum of 4 hours each week to ensure progress.

We will cover Stylistic techniques including;
• Hammer-ons
• Pull-offs
• Trills
• Slides
• Bends
• Vibrato
• Dynamics
• Legato
• Staccato

We will also work on stretching, stamina and relaxation. This class will ultimately make your single line playing (soloing) much smoother and more consistent. You need to be evaluated prior to registration for this class, to ensure proper placement.

Also available as an online course via Skype!

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