Super Chops 1: The Right Hand

STARTS Oct 12th 2022, Weds @ 6:30pm




10 Weeks


Jay Roberts

Course Overview

This 10 week program is a must for any guitar student that is interested in vastly improving their picking technique. This course can also be taken privately in person or on Skype at a time of your convenience. Jay personally guarantees that you will have at least a 50% increase in speed and accuracy after 10 weeks!

This course will take you systematically to an entirely new technical level, focusing primarily on right hand picking technique. These techniques apply to all styles, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country etc.

While this course is “drill” oriented, you will cover:
• Picking
• Metronome
• Relaxation
• Accuracy
• Posture
• Exercising
• Efficiency
• Speed
• Listening
• Learn how to learn


Also available as an online course via Skype!

I just wanted to compliment RMI on the Super Chops 1 curriculum. I have achieved remarkable technical improvement as a result of taking this class and I am looking forward to additional superchops classes. The program has accomplished what years of private lessons and a library full of books has failed to do. Thanks and great job.

Colin Jackson

Super Chops resulted in exactly what I was looking for, and as advertised. Increased speed, accuracy, and timing, and to some degree, more so than expected. The atmosphere at RMI is one of a kind, and I’m bummed I will no longer be able to attend once Fall comes around…moving out of the state. Please set up an online school so I can join you all, seriously.

Thomas Aukai

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