New Course: Super Chops 1



Starts July 9th, 2019


Every Tuesday 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Jay Roberts

Via Skype

Tuition: $420 / 10 week class online Via SKYPE

This 10 week program is a must for any guitar student that is interested in vastly improving their picking technique. This course can also be taken privately in person or on Skype at a time of your convenience. Jay personally guarantees that you will have at least a 50% increase in speed and accuracy after 10 weeks!

This course will take you systematically to an entirely new technical level, focusing primarily on right hand picking technique. These techniques apply to all styles, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country etc.

While this course is “drill” oriented, you will cover:
• Picking
• Metronome
• Relaxation
• Accuracy
• Posture
• Exercising
• Efficiency
• Speed
• Listening
• Learn how to learn

To schedule an evaluative session with Jay or to reserve your spot in the class, call (425-985-2934) or email us (

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