Students of all ages and levels greatly benefit from this fun yet intense learning environment located in Bellevue. RMI offers three levels of involvement for students ranging from part-time, once-a-week lessons to semi full-time which includes special technique classes, performance workshops and private study. An individually customized program will be offered to each student in order to make their learning experience the absolute best possible. Roberts Music Institute also features occasional special guest artist seminars, workshops and concerts. Our curriculum covers: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Ukulele, Vocals & Digital Recording. Our talented instructors are fluent in all modern musical genres from Traditional Jazz and Classical to Blues and Hard Rock.

RMI is a one of a kind music school and is designed to open the door to the artistic, creative and technical side of contemporary musicianship. Students will learn exactly what it takes to be a successful player in any style. Special emphasis will aim at dispelling myths about learning to play, help students focus on their individual goals and to develop a productive practice regimen. This is a “playing / hands-on” music school where students are encouraged to play their instruments in many of the classes and participate in the ensembles and performances.

Private Lessons & Player’s Clubs are offered weekly throughout the year. Classes are designed to be 10 weeks long, running parallel to the quarterly school year including summer quarter. To help us determine your ideal placement and get you started today, please fill out our free Skill Level Evaluation Form (Click here to start). We will evaluate it promptly and contact you to schedule a time to visit the school and meet the staff. When you fill out the evaluation form, you will be automatically placed on our newsletter mailing list which is a great way to find out what is happening at RMI.