Online Skype Lessons

Roberts Music Institute is proud to offer online lessons via Skype! Now our unique curriculum is no longer limited by physical distance! We’ve held Skype lessons with students in New York, Alberta, even as far away as Turks & Caicos!


*Weather-Related Cancellations* – Any cancellations due to snow or icy weather will be made up through a Skype lesson with your instructor at a convenient time that works for both of you. Any weather-related cancellations that are not made up will be charged full rate and considered a forfeiture of the lesson.

Skype Benefits

1) Convenience and flexibility of scheduling

2) Do lessons from home – anywhere in the world

3) Get video lesson plans and track your studies on a weekly basis

4) Have access to our curriculum through our skilled instructors

5) Do make up lessons when there is a conflict with your scheduled RMI lesson time–i.e. bad weather, etc.


Coordinating Skype lessons with an RMI instructor is simple, just follow the following steps:

1) Download Skype and install on your Mac or PC.

2) Create a Skype account.

3) Search the Skype directory for RMI under “robertsmusicinstitute”.

4) Send a contact request to RMI and await us to accept your request.

5) Schedule a Skype test call with Keith at the front desk by phone (425-614-4764) or email (