We are accepting students for on-line distance guitar study. One-hour private lessons and special classes will be offered over the Internet using Skype audio/video. Private lessons are offered now in three scheduling options. One-per week, every-other week and “one off” or occasional lessons.

Free test lesson and interview.

When you have signed up for on-line lessons, We will schedule a test lesson so you can get acquainted and discuss the subjects you want to study. It will also be a good time to test out your system making sure we can see and hear each other in the best possible manner. Following the test lesson, we may email you PDF and mp3 files to prepare for your first lessons.

Your System Must Have:

  • Skype for PC or Mac (http://www.skype.com/download/) (free, no cost)
  • Video camera and mic either built-in or connected to your computer
  • Fast internet connection either cable or DSL.

Downloading and setting up Skype is very easy and only takes a few minutes. You will create a free account with a user name and password. Once you are set up, Skype works like a phone where you simply call the person you want to talk to.

You may want to enhance your on-line lessons by connecting your sound system to your computer, or use a head-set/mic. Skype has a cool little audio test-call feature where you can test your audio system. You will want Don to be able to clearly hear your voice and your guitar. A guitar amp placed near you, which will get picked up by your computers mic, might work fine. If you choose to use a audio mixer or system, you can mic the amp in addition to a voice mic sent to the mixer, then to your computers audio input. You may also want to set-up your video camera to get the best quality shot such as additional lighting if needed.

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