The Fall Quarter starts on September 22nd, 2014 and continues for ten weeks.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
1:30PM Teen Rock Player’s ClubScott Elsberry
3:30PM British Invasion Player’s ClubScott Elsberry
5:00PM  Gibson Guitar Tech SeriesScott Elsberry Classic Rock Player’s ClubAndy Coe

R&B/Soul Player’s ClubMike McGee

Performance ClinicScott Elsberry
5:30PM Blues Rock Player’s ClubChris Lenk  
6:00PM 3 Chord Rock Player’s ClubJakob Singer
 Kids Rock Player’s ClubJakob Singer
6:30PM Surf Player’s ClubScott Elsberry
7:00PM Jazz-Rock Player’s ClubJacques Willis
Adult Beginning GuitarJakob Singer  Junior Rock Player’s ClubJakob Singer
7:30PM Heavy Blues Player’s ClubMike McGee  Super Chops 2Jay Roberts
8:00PM 50′s Rock Player’s ClubMike McGee
8:30PM Hard Rock Player’s ClubLucien LaMotte Southern Rock Player’s ClubLucien LaMotte