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Zane Taylor – Jazz

Success Stories

Zane Taylor
Zane has been a student at RMI since he was 13 years old. He has been the recipient of an RMI scholarship, funded by the Howard Roberts scholarship program. Zane is now applying for music colleges around the country and has recorded his first demo for the application submissions. He is playing great, especially considering that Zane … Read more

Congrats Sadie Norkin!

RMI’s favorite rocker chick has made us very proud! 18 year old Sadie Norkin was recently accepted to Berklee School of Music on a scholarship! Sadie has been attending Roberts Music Institute for the past five years, studying under several teachers. Once she had decided to audition for Berklee, Sadie was prepped by her current teacher, Lucien LaMotte, through the … Read more

Caspian Coberly Jams at Jimi Hendrix Birthday Party

Caspian Coberly jams with Lee Oskar and RMI’s Tim Lerch at the Jimi Hendrix Birthday Party at Sky Ultra Lounge.… Read more

Student Compilation Vol. 2

-R&B/Soul Ensemble plays “Chain of Fools” at RMI Performances at Boxley’s
Cliff Dibble – Guitar
Tom Huey – Guitar
Debby Taylor – Bass
Diana Huey – Vocals
Chris Carlson – Drums
-Alex Douthitt plays a Guthrie Govan solo
-Truett Burnett plays “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars
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Caspian Coberly on the Bob Rivers Show

Caspian Coberly on the Bob Rivers Show as he mentions RMI, Jay Roberts, and the CHROMA Program! Great job Caspian!… Read more

Student Compilation Vol. 1

-Caspian Coberly plays the National Anthem at Key Arena for the Seattle Storm

-Collin Ness plays “Donna Lee” at RMI Ensemble Performances

-Greg Pascale plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

 … Read more

Student Spotlight: Cliff Dibble

Microsoft Program Manager, Cliff Dibble has been studying at RMI for over three years. Due to his hard work and dedication, Cliff has made huge progress with his guitar playing. He has also helped to inspire other students to do the same. We recently thought it would be a great idea to spotlight Cliff, so we asked him to write … Read more

Alex Douthitt: Then & Now

Join us as we take a trip through time…… Read more

Caspian Coberly

By now, Caspian Coberly is a National Anthem veteran. Performing the Star Spangled Banner for championship sports teams including the Washington Stealth and here he is performing the National Anthem for the Seattle Storm. Way to go Caspian!
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Chris Norwood

Chris Norwood Singing “Drown In My Own Tears”

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