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Jay Roberts & Ben Lacy “Pocket Deuce”

“Pocket Deuce,” featuring guitar virtuosos Jay Roberts and Ben Lacy offers a blend of Jazz and Pop standards, arranged for two guitars that will blow you away.

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SOLD OUT – Guitar Compendium Set (Vol. 1-3)

Guitar Compendium SmallVol 1

I: Style and Craft

II: Troubleshooting 1

III: Fingerboard Map – Chords

Guitar Compendium SmallVol 2

IV: The Fingerboard Map – Scales

V: Troubleshooting 2

VI: The Fingerboard Map – Intervals

Guitar Compendium SmallVol 3

VII: The Fingerboard Map – Arpeggios

VIII: Troubleshooting 3

IX: Essential Theory

The Timeless Guide To Guitar:

Praxis is the first instructional book of its kind. It takes a strikingly new and refreshing approach to learning guitar, and it is carefully designed to guarantee efficient practice with rewarding results. The Praxis program makes available to all guitarists a comprehensive and unified body of instructional material, and within Praxis, students and teachers are given the freedom to chart their own courses according to their own musical interests and needs.

Establish Your Own Musical Direction:

Whether your playing falls under one of the more traditional conventional styles, or whether you’re a composer and arranger or exploring new musical regions and establishing your own musical direction or personal fusion of musical ideas and influences, Praxis has what you need. Unlike usual guitar books, Praxis realizes that music is already inside you and that it only needs and avenue to get out. Throughthe development of musical skills, Praxis provides such avenues.

Unlock The Musician Within:

The name of the system (“Praxis” comes from the Greek word meaning “practice” and “to do”) accurately reflects its general orientation. Play it first getting sound and satisfaction out of the guitar immediately, and musical understanding will naturally follow. Praxis lets you choose the precise subject you want and immediately provides relevant musical examples. And these examples are presented in such a way that the principle behind the example is always clear, thus allowing you to apply it directly to your music.

One Step Beyond – Originators Vs. Imitators:

Traditional guitar books try to teach you to play someone else’s music. That approach tends to produce imitators rather than originators, and real musicianship skills are picked up slowly and almost by accident. Praxis takes you directly to being able to play anything that you want…someone else’s music, your own music, and everything in between. Praxis takes you one step beyond.

Efficient Learning:

Guitar instruction books are traditionally written in progressive fashion; Book 1 first, then Book 2, etc. However, the selection and sequencing of material is usually determined by the book rather that the reader, and the familiar result is that, while the book progresses, the student doesn’t. Again, Praxis reverses this. You don’t have to start with Book 1, there is no Book 1! You go where your interests lie. Just begin work on any one subject in any volume that attracts you. You don’t need to study an entire dictionary to write a single sentence. So don’t be overwhelmed with Praxis; it is a guitarist’s reference library, a player’s directory, and a place to go for fresh musical ideas. Also, Praxis makes creating, playing, and hearing music one simultaneous process. Thus, playing what you hear in your head becomes as natural as speaking. The old ways presume that the guitar is a deep mystery and that music is locked inside it. With Praxis the guitar is demystified, becoming – like a typewriter for a novelist – a tool for expression. Praxis explodes the old myth that we learn music from the outside in.

Integrated Study Programs – 239 Powerful Units In 3 Volumes

Because Praxis is a modular system, it can be reassembled into many different combinations. These different combinations of units can answer both varying curricular needs as well as individual interests. Directly stated, there are countless guitar books housed within Praxis, either three, or ten, or…

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