Recording Program

Roberts Music Institute is excited to announce our newly established recording program! We have outfitted one of our practice rooms with state of the art recording equipment (including Apple Logic Pro X), so RMI groups can now record demos, rehearsals, and albums, if desired. The ability to hear your improvement over time is an invaluable lesson in and of itself. Both Player’s Club bands and Private Lesson students have been recording live and seeing improvements as a result! The key to a great sounding recording is to be well prepared and in tune when you step in for your session. Ask your instructor how recording would benefit your music potential!


Check out Roberts Music Institute on Soundcloud for the latest recordings to come out of the RMI Studio!


Scheduled during your current lesson time:

Private Lesson Recording Rates

30 min = $12.50

60 min = $25.00


Band Recording Rates (applies to 2 or more members)

60 min = $65.00 per member


Block Recording Rates (best hourly rate for bands)

4 hrs = $400

*All rates include: the use of the studio equipment, and Recording Engineer / Producer