Player’s Clubs

-Band coaching from your instructor of choice (helping you to arrange and rehearse the group)
-Students pick and choose styles and songs
-Flexible month-to-month scheduling (just like Private Lessons)
-Regular performance opportunities available
-Finally join your first group or take your current group to the next level

Here is a small list of venues which our students have had the opportunity to perform at:
-Bake’s Place
-Bellevue Brewing Company
-Grand Cru
-Wilde Rover
-Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion
-Comcast Arena
-EMP Sky Church
-Hard Rock Seattle
-Key Arena
-Marymoor Park
-Paramount Theater
-Redmond Firehouse
-Temple Theater

Player’s Club Signup

Players clubs are bands that are designed to get students working together for the purposes of performing Live. The band decides which tunes they want to play, and the teacher/coach helps them achieve there goals. Along the way, the students learn how to communicate effectively in a rehearsal environment, as well as on the band stand. There are performance opportunities at various local venues, every month. This provides the application required to really get your performance skills together, and feel comfortable playing in front of an audience. ALL STYLES ARE WELCOME. If you are interested, come in and sit in on a rehearsal, check out a band, and see if it is a good fit for you.

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Player’s Club Reviews

“Performances! I think it’s great, really helps to learn about the relationship between the band and the public. Getting them involved in the music which leads to having a good time, and hopefully brings them back to see you again!! See ya there.”

-Mark Sanders

“The Player’s Clubs are really great because they give you a push to really get good at songs, while still being relaxed enough that they never feel stressful. I’ve become a much better player faster by doing them than I ever could have on my own, so I recommend trying one out for anyone who is interested.”

-John Smith

“Playing in front of a friendly crowd was good for my self-esteem. The audience was mainly parents of other students, so our group was guaranteed to get at least a golf clap. And just in case things got really out of hand, Jay was standing just offstage with a shepherd’s hook, providing technical support. RMI has all the bases covered.”

-Paul Williams

“I’ve really enjoyed playing in the Pink Floyd band (which has now acquired Muse, Foo Fighters andQueensof the Stone Age.) I only joined a couple of months ago and already I am feeling far more comfortable playing in a group environment and I’m really looking forward to the coming performances. The environment is really easy-going, everyone is really friendly and patient. I highly recommend joining if you want to get good band experience!”

-Cliff Hudson