Online Lessons

RMI is now accepting students for on-line distance guitar study. One-hour and half-hour private lessons and special classes are available over the Internet using Skype audio/video. We have a large digital library of teaching materials and play-along tracks for on-line students. The instructors on this page give on-line lessons.

Jay Roberts


Jay Roberts was born in California and is the son of legendary jazz guitarist and world renowned educator Howard Roberts (founder of the Guitar Institute of Technology). Although stylistically versatile with a Rock, Blues and Jazz background, his heart is found in improvising and teaching. Growing up with a very musical family, Jay found himself playing multiple instruments including Guitar, Drums and Bass, and studying extensively with his father, mentor and best friend H.R.

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Scott Elsberry


It didn’t take Scott Elsberry long to realize he loved the guitar: he began playing at age 7. After “turning pro” at the age of 14, Scott split his time between becoming a musician and playing his favorite sports of Baseball, Football and Basketball. A few years later, sports took a back seat after Scott was recruited to play in an established Bay Area band.

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Brandon Beligni


Brandon is proficient in a wide range of musical styles which include, but not limited to, jazz, classical, and metal. Upon discovering a love for teaching and particularly a knack for teaching young children, he began apprenticing under veteran teacher Jay Roberts to perfect his teaching technique. He has learned to implement the same proven methodology that Jay’s iconic father, the legendary guitarist Howard Roberts, created many years ago. Currently, he is working towards a degree in music, singing in an 18 voice jazz choir, and playing guitar in several jazz ensembles. Though he loves performing, his passion for teaching has given him the realization that his life work will continue to be focused in music education.

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Taylor Ambrosio Wood

Composition/Songwriting/Music Production/Percussion

Video game composer Taylor Ambrosio Wood began her career in music by playing the Zimbabwean marimba and mbira (a traditional Shona thumb piano). She is a graduate of The Boston Conservatory of Music and earned her Master’s Degree in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games from the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. Most recently, she … Read more

Masa Kobayashi

Masa Kobayashi (Cropped)Bass/Guitar/Ukulele

From Tokyo, Japan, Masa has performed and recorded with local and international artists throughout Europe and the US. As a multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter, he has experience with many musical styles from punk, rock, metal, ska, reggae, hip-hop, Balkan and African music. While he focuses on many recording and performance projects, he is also an inspirational teacher and has taught many students locally and internationally.

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Farko Dosumov

Farko Small


Farko Rustamovich Dosumov was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Farko and his identical twin brother, Feodor Dosumov, began playing the classical guitar when they were ten years old. After winning the green card lottery in 1999 Farko moved to New York City to pursue a career in music. Farko later attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, and specialized in jazz bass. Since then, he has played with many talented artists and groups throughout the world.

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