Accelerator Cover (2) SmallThis Accelerator course is based on Howard’s original Accelerator GIT preparatory guide. While the book has been out of print for several years, the program is available through RMI, exclusively. We will walk you step by step through the curriculum, ensuring total comprehension and technical support. Private and Group lessons are available ,both on Skype and at RMI.

This program deals with the essential required Theory, Reading, Chord, Scale and Arpeggio applications and learning approaches. Getting you better prepared to play over changes and improvise.

The Accelerator course is part of the HR Scholarship program. Inquire directly, regarding eligibility.

Here is a brief description:

Based on the Howard Roberts’ experience over the years dealing with thousands of aspiring guitarists in seminars and at the Guitar Institute of Technology, it has become increasingly clear that the single greatest handicap facing a student of the guitar is an unfamiliarity with the common language of music, i.e., not knowing the names of the notes, their scale step numbers in all keys, and their locations on the staff and on the fingerboard. (The problem is that students don’t know, for example, what the 3rd of G is and by the time they figure it out, the tune has left them behind; or, if they know that B is the note in question they can’t find it on the guitar in time. In either case, the process of playing music comes to a screeching halt.) Difficulty with specific things is unmistakably the proverbial banana peel for the vast majority of students having problems with subjects such as harmony, chord melody, arranging, and composition. Indeed, it could safely be said that to have a clear grasp of this information is to understand the language of music at the nuts and bolts level (“put the 3rd in the bass”, “give me a III-VI-II-V progression in the key of Bb”, “move those chords up in parallel fourths”, “add a 9th on the top of that chord”, and so the language goes, not only at the academic level but also in professional life.) You might say it’s a word and number game and once understood, gives access to the language and thereby kicks open the door to any study of music in general and the guitar in specific, with a much accelerated learning curve. Because of this, we felt that this book needed to be written as a preparatory study guide for the incoming students of G.I.T.