Super Solos (Small)

This Super Solos course is based on Howard’s original Super Solos Book. While the book has been out of print for several years, the program is available through RMI, exclusively. We will walk you step by step through the solos, ensuring total comprehension and technical support. Private lessons are available, both on Skype and at RMI.

This program will get you the insights necessary to get a handle on several of Howard s solos, note for note, using the proper fingerings. Featuring solos from Color Him Funky, HR is a Dirty Guitar Player, Something’s Cookin’, The Real Howard Roberts and More.

The Super Solos course is part of the HR Scholarship program. Inquire directly, regarding eligibility.

Here is a brief description:

Becoming a good solo player is a complex process and, even among the best of players, the true soloist is a rare occurrence.

The traditional solutions to the budding improviser’s problems have been to use his ears, listen to those artists he respects, and analyze and copy their solos on his instrument, in the same way as a painter copies other painters. This book represents a long-awaited addition to the materials, recorded and printed, available to the student improviser.

Howard Roberts solos are respected by all guitarists. Every note belongs – Howards’s playing is lyrical, musical, and has the quality of sounding as if it was composed beforehand.

This volume should be an invaluable aid to the guitarist who wants to incorporate the sounds and techniques of Howard Roberts into his own playing as I did. Each transcription has been set down with the greatest possible care. I have included a thorough analysis of chords, chord substitutions, and scales, which will help to illustrate Howard’s unique approach to improvisation.

H.R.’s records were an early inspiration in my own career, and our friendship in recent years enabled me to meet with him many times during the course of this project. Howard personally check the manuscript to ensure the accuracy of every note.

I would like to thank Bob Grebb of Playback for his advice and help in getting this book into your hands, and Jim Galkin, my indefatigable initial copyist, without whose aid and comfort this project would never have become a reality.

And, finally, a whole generation of guitarists owe a debt to Howard Roberts. Without his unique talent, this book would never exist.

~Ron Eschete