Howard Roberts - Sight Reading SmallThis Sight Reading course is based on Howard’s original Sight Reading Guitar Manual. While the book has been out of print for several years, the program is available through RMI, exclusively. Private lessons, both on Skype and at RMI are available.

The Sight Reading course is part of the HR Scholarship program. Inquire directly, regarding eligibility.


Here is a brief description:

A question on how to become a better sight reader usually elicits the typical reply – “Do a lot of it.” If you resign yourself to a couple of hours of daily drudgery for the next ten years or so, that method unquestionably works and eventually you will become an adequate sight reader. If, however, you are in that vast majority of the class designated ‘average guitar player’, and consider sight-reading at worst terrifying and at best a necessary evil, it is for you that this book has been written. Guitar players as a general rule are pretty poor sight-readers in comparison to players of almost any other instrument you can name; with good reason – there is no harder instrument to read on, primarily because of the duplication of notes on the fingerboard and the number of strings. Never fear – this book is designed to allow you to read guitar exactly like you play without reading. How? By analyzing the process of sight reading! Understanding what constitutes good sight is the key to success and once you realize what physical, mental, visual and audial process are involved, it’s simply a matter of programming yourself to respond to certain specific stimuli. Through most of this book, you can learn without even having a guitar in your hands! Follow each step carefully and review often, by relating to what you already know and play and you’ll notice the improvement immediately.