Chord Melody SmallThis Chord Melody course is based on Howard’s original Chord Melody Guitar Manual. While the book has been out of print for several years, the program is available through RMI, exclusively. We will walk you step by step through the curriculum, ensuring total comprehension and technical support. Private and Group lessons are available, both on Skype and at RMI.

The Chord Melody course is part of the HR Scholarship program. Inquire directly, regarding eligibility.

Here is a brief course description by Howard;

My objective in writing this collection of studies is to outline some chordal techniques that have practical application in contemporary styles of guitar playing, value in fingerboard exploration and the development of a sense of musical coherence.

I have chosen to do this through example rather than a discussion of harmonic theory with a view that a lot is to be learned simply by producing the sounds under our fingers and in our ears.

Many guitarists accumulate a large repertoire of “guitar chords” which, in themselves, are pleasant sounding and, perhaps, well suited to rhythm playing and various accompaniments. But a repertoire of “isolated” chords may remain in the players mind as disconnected chunks of harmony, not easily applied to chord melody playing. The main academic point of this book is the resolution of this problem.

One improves his musical and instrumental techniques by accepting the challenge of more and more difficult material. Therefor, the examples in this book have been developed, not for their simplicity, but for their direct usefulness in contemporary music thereby representing some of the facets of advanced guitar playing. In view of this, I believe the reader is embarking on an adventure both musically and personally rewarding.