RMI/Gibson Press Release:
March 15, 2012

In an unprecedented event today a truck full of guitars arrived at Roberts Music Institute from U.S. manufacturer GIBSON GUITARS. The “Lending Library”  allows any of RMI’s students to check out different models of Gibson Guitars to experience playability and tonal differences in the models.

RMI’s founder Jay Roberts is an internationally acclaimed guitarist whose father Howard was a longtime Gibson endorsed guitarist. Howard started a series of revolutionary guitar seminars throughout the sixties and seventies and started Guitar Institute of Technology in L.A. as well.

Upon Howards passing in 1992 Jay Roberts founded Roberts Music Institute in Bellevue, WA and he and Seattle guitarist Don Mock carry on Howard’s teaching around the globe. RMI teaches over 10,000 lessons per year at their facility in Bellevue, Wa. and is the premier educational institute for artists with a high focus on performance art.

The Gibson-RMI relationship continues a legacy that started with Howard Roberts and now further blossoms with RMI as the only Gibson endorsed school in the world. Jay and Don will be on tour conducting a variety of RMI Seminars and related events worldwide.

Gibson is one of the oldest U.S. based guitar manufacturer started in 1894 and all products are made using U.S. workers at their factory in  Nashville, TN .  RMI is extremely honored to be representing Gibson and the workers they employ. The Lending Library will be a great addition to the RMI arsenal and will support NW Gibson dealers in showcasing Gibson products.

Check out the RMI Guitar Lending Library