Microsoft Program Manager, Cliff Dibble has been studying at RMI for over three years. Due to his hard work and dedication, Cliff has made huge progress with his guitar playing. He has also helped to inspire other students to do the same. We recently thought it would be a great idea to spotlight Cliff, so we asked him to write a bit about himself and his experience with RMI. We are very fortunate to have Cliff as a student as well as a good friend. Here’s what he had to say:

“I got my start with jazz guitar back in the 1970s by taking a weekend class with Jay’s dad Howard.  But the years went by, and I put away the guitar for school and work and family.  When I moved to Bellevue a few years back, I was lucky to find RMI, and it rekindled my interest in music.  The day I first walked into RMI for a weekend clinic, Jay invited me to ‘Jam on Blues in B-flat’.  I was blown away by meeting and playing with Howard’s son!  It’s been non-stop fun ever since.

The staff members at RMI are always friendly and helpful, and the instructors are some of the best players in the Pacific Northwest area.  It’s a great place for social networking and making lasting new friends, too.

Over the past three years, I’ve taken lessons and clinics from Jay, Don, David, Tim, Mike, and Lucien.  These guys are all monster players!  I’ve taken many ensemble classes, from jazz to R&B to Motown.   My weeknight at RMI is always a highlight of the week for me, and I am truly grateful for Jay and the entire RMI staff.  We are really lucky to have them in the area.”

Below are a couple examples of RMI Ensembles which he has participated in:

Here is a “Jazz/Rock” fusion ensemble performance.  Don Mock was the instructor.

Here is an “R&B” ensemble performance.  Tim Lerch was the instructor.

Finally, here is a link to a youtube channel for a semi-pro band I formed.  This is where I get to really apply the many things I learn at RMI.  The RMI ensemble performances really helped me get comfortable playing in front of real audiences:

Thanks for listening, and come on by RMI!
Clifford Dibble, perpetual RMI student and web-master for