“Performances! I think it’s great, really helps to learn about the relationship between the band and the public. Getting them involved in the music which leads to having a good time, and hopefully brings them back to see you again!! See ya there.”

-Mark Sanders

“The Player’s Clubs are really great because they give you a push to really get good at songs, while still being relaxed enough that they never feel stressful. I’ve become a much better player faster by doing them than I ever could have on my own, so I recommend trying one out for anyone who is interested.”

-John Smith

“Playing in front of a friendly crowd was good for my self-esteem. The audience was mainly parents of other students, so our group was guaranteed to get at least a golf clap. And just in case things got really out of hand, Jay was standing just offstage with a shepherd’s hook, providing technical support. RMI has all the bases covered.”

-Paul Williams

“I’ve really enjoyed playing in the Pink Floyd band (which has now acquired Muse, Foo Fighters andQueensof the Stone Age.) I only joined a couple of months ago and already I am feeling far more comfortable playing in a group environment and I’m really looking forward to the coming performances. The environment is really easy-going, everyone is really friendly and patient. I highly recommend joining if you want to get good band experience!”

-Cliff Hudson