Join Don Mock for this all new 10 week class at RMI.

“Jazz Injected Blues” by Don Mock will teach players how to incorporate simple Jazz techniques and concepts into traditional Blues guitar playing. The class will learn Jazz influenced Blues licks, phrases and chord moves. Also, Mock presents a new way to play and understand the 5 blues-box scale positions. Students will learn set-up and chromatic melodies used by Jazz players as well as techniques to create chord sounds when soloing. Class will focus on various major and minor style blues progressions and ideas to hip-up and energize Blues comping. There will also be ample discussions and demonstrations of how a Blues player can solo over non-Blues tunes, including Jazz standards.

Although this class is primarily for Blues players, Jazz guitarists are welcome and will find the topics very informative. And like all classes at RMI, there will be lots of playing by the students and teacher alike.

A note from Don Mock;

I want to personally invite you to join me for the new Jazz Injected Blues class we’re starting this fall at RMI. Although I’m known more as a Jazz and Fusion player, my roots reside in the Blues. My heroes growing up in the ‘60’s were players like Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield and even Jimi Hendrix. Listening to them led me to the “real” blues fathers such as B.B. King, Albert King, Muddy Waters and many others. Eventually, as I grew older, my musical horizons expanded and I became interested in Jazz. But even now, after 40 years, I still love the Blues and find myself listening to old Blues recordings and trying to keep my Blues chops up. In fact during the past year, being the 50th anniversary of the legendary 1959 Les Paul and Gibson’s release of the Mike Bloomfield model, I found myself reinvigorated about Bloomfield’s playing and the Blues. I relearned the classic riffs I knew in the late ‘60’s and discovered a few new ones. I even ended up writing some lessons for the Mike Bloomfield website. ( I wrote in one of the lessons that Mike Bloomfield had inspired me, and many other young guitarists, to explore not only Blues but Jazz. A surprising statement for many who consider Bloomfield just a Blues player.

After studying Jazz improvising and players such as Benson, Martino, Montgomery, Roberts and Pass for some time, I found that I could mix in some of the Jazz techniques I had learned into my “Bloomfield-ish” Blues style. The result is a very enjoyable style to both play and to listen to.

Many players do the same thing. Robben Ford and Larry Carlton are a few who are essentially Blues players who have a background in Jazz knowhow. They can play “down-home” Blues solos with occasional surprise Jazz sounds.

RMI’s new class, Jazz Injected Blues” will focus in on this style of “intelligent Blues” playing. We’ll nail down the necessary theory and gain a clear understanding of the chords and progressions. I’d also like to share with you a way to upgrade your Blues/pentatonic scale patterns and develop tools to create interesting chord sounds when soloing. And we’ll take the mystery out of dealing with altered chords and scales.

Hope to see you there. – Don Mock