Get a better understanding of chord progressions and chord/scale relationships.

Based on Howard Roberts’ experience over the years dealing with thousands of aspiring guitarists in seminars and at the Guitar Institute of Technology, it has become increasingly clear that the single greatest handicap facing a student of the guitar is an unfamiliarity with the common language of music.

For example:

Not knowing the names of the notes, their scale step numbers in all keys, and their locations on the staff and fingerboard.

(The problem is that the students don’t know, for example, the 3rd of G is and by the time they figure it out the tune has left them behind; or, if they know that B is the note in question, they can’t find it on the guitar in time. In either case, the process of playing music comes to a screeching halt.)

This 10 week program uses a structured time frame approach, a familiar Super Chops format, focusing on chords, scales and arpeggios in all keys. You will also get a stronger theoretical understanding of exactly what’s going on regarding chord progressions and chord/scale relationships. While you will be working on soloing as well as rhythm playing, everybody will learn at there own pace.

This is a great class for the player wanting to go beyond the pentatonic scale and blues progressions.

~The Accelerator was originally designed as a prep program for GIT~